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Tuesday, January 30

6:00pm CST

Poster Display. Effects of Soil Conditions on Cutaneous Bacteria of the Red-backed Salamander Ballroom C & Foyer Poster Display. Evaluating the Effect of Forced Re-nesting on Whooping Crane Nest Success Ballroom C & Foyer Poster Display. Fish Communities and Water Quality in Two Wind Pudding Lake Basins Following Considerable Water Level Fluctuations Ballroom C & Foyer Poster Display. Influence of Urban and Agricultural Contaminants on Unionids in a Controlled Streamside Laboratory Ballroom C & Foyer Poster Display. Influence of Water Quality on Unionid Density and Diversity in a Tributary of the Chippewa River, MI, USA Ballroom C & Foyer Poster Display. Larval Abundance of Catostomidae in Tributaries of the Illinois and Wabash River Ballroom C & Foyer Poster Display. Long-term Macroinvertebrate Assemblages of the White River, Indiana Ballroom C & Foyer Poster Display. Mycoplasma Detection and Prevalence in the Endangered Illinois Alligator Snapping Turtle Ballroom C & Foyer Poster Display. Presence of Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products in Northern Michigan Waters and Their Relationship to Land Use and Macroinvertebrate Assemblages Ballroom C & Foyer Poster Display. Ranavirus Effects on Metamorphic Salamander Body Condition and Growth in Created Wetlands Ballroom C & Foyer Poster Display. Relationships Between Stream Characteristics and Mermithidae Infection Rates in Midge (Chironomidae) Specimens in Northwestern Wisconsin Streams Ballroom C & Foyer Poster Display. Utilizing Non-invasive Techniques to Measure Mercury (Hg) Concentrations in Endangered, Adult Blanding's Turtles (Emydoidea blandingii) in Northeastern Illinois Ballroom C & Foyer Poster Display. Variations in Catostomid Fin Morphology Between Two Midwestern Rivers Ballroom C & Foyer

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  • Asian Carp and Other Aquatic Invasives Track
  • Asian Carp Track
  • Carnivores Track
  • Conservation Collaboration & General Wildlife Track
  • Fish Habitat and Genetics Track
  • Fish Physiology and Behavior Track
  • Forest and Grassland Songbirds Track
  • General Fisheries & Wildlife Track
  • Human Dimensions & Fisheries Track
  • Lightning Talk Session
  • Main Agenda Item
  • Poster Display
  • Rivers and Oxbows Track
  • S01: Citizen Science: Collaboration with the Public for Natural Resource Management and Conservation
  • S02: Cooperative Ecosystem Study Units: Working Together to Support Informed Public Trust Resource Stewardship
  • S03: CWD Management: Facilitating Agency Collaboration
  • S04: Ducks to Dickcissels: Collaboration for the Conservation of Multiple Species in Grasslands
  • S05: Managing Fish Habitat and Fisheries Affected by Habitat in Inland Glacial Lakes
  • S06: Advances and Challenges in Amphibian and Reptile Conservation and Management
  • S07: Development - Validation - and Application of Standardized Population Assessments in Inland Waters
  • S08: Waterbird Use and Monitoring of Wetland Protection - Restoration and Enhancement Projects
  • S09: Back to the Future: Fish and Wildlife Research in an Era of Rapid Change
  • S10: Collaborating for Fisheries Management: Opportunities and Challenges from Interactions of Local Lake Organizations with State Agencies
  • S11: Two Worlds - One Goal: Importance of Fisheries and Toxicology Collaboration
  • S12: Coordinating Successful Wildlife Disease Responses
  • S13: Extension and Outreach for Anglers and Hunters: Challenges - Innovation - Collaboration
  • S14: Managing Aquatic Invasive Species Through Collaboration
  • S15: Community-based Research and Restoration in Milwaukee County Wisconsin
  • Salmonids Track
  • Small Mammals Track
  • Streams - Dams - Reservoirs Track
  • Student Event
  • Sturgeon - Esocids - Coregonids Track
  • Tools & Technology: Wildlife Habitat Track
  • Ungulates Track
  • Upland Game Birds & Pollinators Track
  • Walleye and Perch Track
  • Walleye Track
  • Waterfowl Track
  • Workshop